Geist's Haunt

What up?

Workin on thngs right now. Obviously I'm currently using the stock version of one of Eggramen's templates, but plan on switching stuff around a bit.

What is this all gonna be? I dunno! A little homepage, a little about me. Might upload art and writing, might not.


12/25/22 - Spotify doesn't allow full embeds, so Youtube is the jukebox now. Too bad the music industry destroyed playlist websites in The Ancient Times. Also trying to figure out what I really want on this page and replacing the default text.


12/25/22 - While I'm off this week (and not visiting friends and family), I'm trying to get through scanning some photos for my aunt and uncle. They're a bit of a pain because it's mostly old scrapbooks that are a bit too large for my scanner, and the photos are too stuck to the paper to remove so I have to do multiple passes per page. Trying to get this done in a reasonable-ish amount of time because I promised I'd do it. After that I'll probably work more on this and other projects.

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